How I Get Myself Out of a Bad Mood.

I’m a Gemini and moody. It comes with the territory. The good news is that I’m really good at getting myself out of a bad mood 90% of the time. The other 10% I try to suppress and ignore it with the following tricks. Listen to music. An instant mood lifter, music never failed to […]

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Online Safety

Is there such a thing anymore? Last year, several of my social media and bank accounts were part of a company system being hacked. This resulted in compromising my information, one that I am not happy about. I’m sure many of you can relate and if not, you are one lucky person. The question at […]

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How to remove cactus spines.

astintabroad | joshuatree

I was walking down the beach a couple of days ago, when I stepped on a prickly thing on the ground. OUCH! I looked down to see what I had stepped on and saw a plant that had spines similar to a cactus. The damn thing hung on to the bottom of my feet and […]

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How to Make Your Swimsuit Last Longer.


For some reason I’ve never thought about how to properly wash a swimsuit. I’ve been rinsing them quickly and then drying them in the sun. Little did I know, there’s a proper process to it and it explains a lot, why some of my favorite bathing suits have lost its elasticity. Only if I had […]

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Packing for a Winter Getaway to Nevada.

Travel life seemed so easy when I was in Europe. It only took me 30 minutes tops to pack and I would be set. These days, I’m finding that preparing for any trips seem more difficult. I think the biggest difference between trips in Europe vs California is the weather temperature. Anywhere outside Southern California […]

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