Welcome to Our Fire Pit: Camping Food Ideas.

I always say half the fun of camping is eating. In the beginning I struggled a bit in figuring out what to bring besides loading up on granola or trail-mix. I’ve learned from trial and error that there are a few bites that are easy to make and fulfilling at the same time.

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How to remove cactus spines.

astintabroad | joshuatree

I was walking down the beach a couple of days ago, when I stepped on a prickly thing on the ground. OUCH! I looked down to see what I had stepped on and saw a plant that had spines similar to a cactus. The damn thing hung on to the bottom of my feet and […]

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How to Make Your Swimsuit Last Longer.


For some reason I’ve never thought about how to properly wash a swimsuit. I’ve been rinsing them quickly and then drying them in the sun. Little did I know, there’s a proper process to it and it explains a lot, why some of my favorite bathing suits have lost its elasticity. Only if I had […]

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Packing for a Winter Getaway to Nevada.

Travel life seemed so easy when I was in Europe. It only took me 30 minutes tops to pack and I would be set. These days, I’m finding that preparing for any trips seem more difficult. I think the biggest difference between trips in Europe vs California is the weather temperature. Anywhere outside Southern California […]

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How to see Cinque Terre in 2 Days

After returning from my 4 day trip from Cinque Terre, I realised it can be done in 2 days. For anyone who likes to get in and get out, this is for you.

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How to Get an Electronic Metro Card in Milan.

A metro card is a card that you use to tap up on a monthly basis that can be used anytime and any day that the transportation is in service within Milan. The card is valid in the metro, tram and the bus within the urban limit of Milan. Beyond the “urban limit” requires an extra cost […]

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