Visiting the Grand Canyon in the Winter (video)

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My trip to the Grand Canyon was fast and furious. We went, saw and conquered what we needed to do and here I am at home sitting down, still sore from the trip. Let me tell you that it is never ideal to go on a trip when you wake up feeling sick. The road trip seemed to take longer than it should be. Although, I still made it through and found myself enjoying my time sightseeing, walking and exploring the Grand Canyon. I learned that Christmas Day was also a huge tourist season for Arizona. Who knew I’d be spending Christmas with thousands of people from all over the world?!?

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Hike Top of The World in Laguna Beach.

Hiking Top Of The World in Laguna Beach, CA

There’s never a dull moment in Southern California. The weather always stays consistent ranging between 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit all throughout the year. It’s quite common for the locals to be outdoors at the beach, relaxing at the pool or hiking. I know I’m always doing one or the other like last Wednesday, my roommate and I decided to go hiking at the Top of The World in Laguna Beach. I thought I’ve been to it before but, I realized I’ve never visited this area. Continue reading “Hike Top of The World in Laguna Beach.”