June Babies: Dual Birthday Brunch Celebration at Bluegold.

Time really does move quickly. I can still remember writing a post from my last year’s bday. My day was spent relaxing on a terrace, taking in the sun while having brunch overlooking the city of Orange County. This year, I made a joint birthday brunch with a friend who also celebrated her birthday this […]

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A Sunday Tea Affair

The affair started a year ago. A group of us used to work together where we bonded over work drama and secretly meeting at restaurants to run away from our daily stressful lives at work. Somehow, we outgrew meeting at random restaurants over the months and one day, we decided to meet at a tea […]

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Birthday Brunch with a view at Orange Hill Restaurant.

There’s no denying that birthdays is a special day. I think most people will want to do something nice to celebrate on the day that they are born or not (whichever one prefers). It could be a simple staying at home or in my case, going out for brunch. Last weekend, my roommate introduced me […]

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A Tasty Breakfast at The Country Club

viva_restaurant | astintabroad

Sometimes taking chances is the right idea. That’s what we did when we decided on having our breakfast at a golf course restaurant called Viva Restaurant. 

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Dinner in the Middle of the Desert: Zack Restaurant

zacks_restaurant | astintabroad

If I had to pick a local hang out restaurant in the East Escape, where you can keep returning to on a regular basis everyday and anytime, it would be Zack’s Restaurant. In compare to Buzzards Restaurant, Zack would be the big brother that offers a heftier menu, convenient schedule, more space and all around […]

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Farm to Table: Lunch at Floras Farm Restaurant (video)

florafarm | astintabroad

Whenever it’s warm and sunny like here in Cabo, I always gravitate towards something light to eat when I’m hungry. Therefore, when mom asked me what I wanted for lunch, I knew Floras Farm would be the perfect choice.

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BUZZing Around

buzzards_restaurant | astintabroad

AH. The 80 degree weather hits me with open arms as I made my way out of the SJD airport. It has been two years since the last time I was in Baja and I can’t tell you how happy I am to be here. The air, smell, sound and everything about Mexico screams excitement […]

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Casey’s Cupcakes

I told myself this month I would cut down on my sweets intake for my health sake and for my weight. Somehow plans never go according to plan, at least, not when you’re presented in front of your eyes delicious treats like the desserts at Casey’s Cupcakes. 

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Happy Hour at Mizu Sushi Bar & Grill

Yesterday I rushed home hungry and ready for some sushi. I was invited by my roommate as she sold me on the idea of a cheap sushi place she knew. I was a bit wary at first as ‘cheap’ sushi did not sound appealing to me. Although, I gave her a chance since I was […]

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Con Mama

I woke up today and found my inbox filled of Mother’s Day messages. From flower graphics, Mothers Day headlines, to social media posts, I was reminded that I had a lunch date with my folks today to celebrate Mother’s Day. As someone who doesn’t celebrate any sort of holidays in general, I was looking forward […]

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For the Cafe Lovers

I’m not shy to admit that I drink coffee. Yes, it fuels me when I need it the most in the wee hours in the morning and it gives me that extra boost when my sugar level drops in the mid-afternoon. Sure. It’s bad for me but, I can’t deny it. I just love coffee.

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We Scream for Ice Cream

We know summer is over but, do we really have to stop eating ice cream? Ummm,no. I love ice cream too much to give it up, period! Somehow, all of my best memories always involved ice cream. How can it not? It’s sooo good.

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