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  • In The Zone

    In The Zone

    Let’s get EXCITED! I’ve moved out of my apartment, all of my belongings are in storage, and I am ready to board my flight at the airport. It’s time. A new chapter is about to begin. I am ready for an exciting new life filled with adventures, fun stories, intriguing escapades and whatever else I […]

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  • Preparing to Move Abroad.

    Preparing to Move Abroad.

    After you receive a visa, it’s time to get moving. That means, getting yo shit together 🙂

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  • Consignment Stores & Apps Tested

    Consignment Stores & Apps Tested

    Back in my hay-day (a word I think I just made up), Craigslist was the world renowned the place to sell any unwanted items and in my book, it still stands as my go to place for selling. However, nowadays, you have a lot of options as new startups are popping up everywhere. My-OH-my, times have […]

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  • Counting Down

    Counting Down

    As I watch pieces of my personal items being sold and disappear, I realized that my time in L.A. is coming to an end much quicker than I imagined. My mind is on a total freak out mode. Two more weeks and I’m finally done with my current job forever.

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