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Get Lost in the Beauty of the Carlsbad Flower Fields – A Destination You Don’t Want to Miss!

You’ve probably already heard that the Carlsbad Flower Fields are now open. If not, you’re in for a treat! My boyfriend and I visited the fields for the first time last weekend, and we were blown away by how much there was to see and experience. The fields cover a massive 50 acres of land, located on a stunning hillside overlooking the Pacific Ocean. You’ll be greeted by a breathtaking and vibrant display of ranunculus flowers, which bloom from March to May each year.

Make sure to bring your walking shoes, camera, water, and a hat because you’ll be doing a lot of walking. There are different sections of flowers from pink, orange, red to white, and they’re all absolutely beautiful. If you prefer not to walk, you can hop on one of the trolleys that go around the fields for an additional $8 per person. Beyond the flower fields, there are plenty of other things to see and do, such as gardens, food trucks, a maze, and lots of photo opportunities.

We were really lucky because there was a special event dedicated to the Holi week! We got to experience all the fun and colors of the festival. People were dancing, laughing, and having a great time. All in all, we spent about three hours just exploring and having a blast. I think you should definitely come and check out the Carlsbad Flower Fields for yourself! You won’t want to miss out on all the joy and beauty.


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