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Food, Art, and Exclusive Theatre Access at OC Lantern Festival!

On Saturday, I was so excited to attend the Lantern Festival at the Segerstrom Theatre with my boyfriend. We had been looking forward to it for weeks! However, we found out that even though the event was free, the mandatory tickets to get in were already sold out online. We were worried and unsure if we could get in. But, we decided to take a chance and go anyway.

When we arrived, there were already lots of people there, however, we tried our luck at the entrance, and to our surprise, we were able to get in without tickets. We were both so relieved and grateful that we decided to come to the festival even though we weren’t sure if we would be able to get in.

Upon arriving at the festival, we were amazed by the vibrant and lively atmosphere that greeted us. The place was packed with people who were all excited to take part in the various activities the festival had to offer. Everywhere we looked, there were dance performances happening, people sipping on drinks, and groups signing up for lantern making. There was so much going on that we couldn’t even imagine the amount of activities this festival had.

As we walked around, we saw that people were heading inside the Segerstrom Theatre, and I couldn’t resist the chance to see what it looked like inside. We were lucky enough to find a table right by the entrance where we could sign up for tickets. The theatre was at least 3 to 4 levels high, and as we walked in, we were struck by its grandeur.

On the main floor, there were beautiful photo opportunities with stunning decorations and table booths that seemed to be giving away free items. We were drawn to the upper levels, where there were activities catered to families with kids, like painting and more. Finally, we made our way up to the last level, where we found a balcony that provided a perfect view of the performances happening outside, as well as the surrounding residences.

As the evening drew closer, we watched the performances on stage, sitting in awe of the beautiful sights of the theatre. It was an experience that we will always cherish, and I was so glad that we had decided to attend the festival despite our initial uncertainty.


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