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Unleash Your Inner Artist: A Thrilling Adventure to Long Beach Arts Museum on Southern California’s Free Museum Day!

On Sunday, we embarked on an adventure to the Long Beach Arts Museum, where we joined in on the annual Southern California free-for-all museum day! The current exhibit, “Creature Comforts” by Brent Estabrook, was a feast for the eyes with its playful and vibrant paintings of stuffed animals. But the real cherry on top was when we got to meet the artist himself! Brent gave us an in-depth look into his creative process, making us appreciate his work even more. The museum boasts two floors, with the first floor showcasing the current exhibit and the second floor featuring stunning ceramic pieces.

After soaking up all the art, we headed to the ocean-view restaurant next door, where we indulged in delicious food and drinks while basking in the warm sunshine. Though the place was bustling and there was a wait for a table, it was worth it.

We indulged in a sizzling chorizo burger, paired with a creamy and flavorful avocado toast, and to top it off, we sipped on a kombucha drink that had a hidden twist – it was spiked with alcohol! Surprised and thrilled, we raised our glasses for an unexpected adventure! But as the evening cooled down, we decided to head back home, feeling grateful for this incredible day filled with art, nature, and good food.

long beach harbor

Highlights of Downtown Long Beach

I like my walks. I take them often usually on familiar paths but, today I decided to take a different route.

Bowers Museum exhibit on “Couture Beyond”

As a fashion enthusiast hailing from the fashion capital of Milan, I was thrilled to discover this remarkable showcase of haute couture.


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