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Explore Seattle’s Best Attractions: A Guide to Seattle Highlights

My boyfriend and I made the most of our time in Seattle by planning our itinerary with the Seattle City Pass, guaranteeing a fun-filled weekend. On our first day, we were blessed with beautiful, sunny weather, which is uncommon for Seattle. It was the perfect opportunity for my boyfriend to experience the city for the first time.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a returning traveler, Seattle offers something for everyone. From world-renowned restaurants to unique attractions, you’ll never be bored. We highly recommend bringing a first-time visitor with you to see the city from a fresh perspective and make lasting memories. Don’t miss the chance to spend a rad weekend in Seattle, chowing down on tasty food and experiencing all the cool things the city has to offer.

Pike Market

Start your day at Seattle’s Iconic Pike Place Market with Fresh Pastries and Stunning Waterfront Views. After a short walk from our hotel, we found ourselves at Le Panier Seattle, where we indulged in delicious chocolate and almond croissants, accompanied by a latte and mocha. The line outside was worth the wait as we enjoyed our pastries while sitting on the patio overlooking the waterfront.

Pike Place Market is one of the oldest public farmer’s markets in the U.S. and it’s a must-see destination for visitors to Seattle. The market is home to the first Starbucks, and we enjoyed wandering through the fish stands, craft stalls, produce stands and small shops as they were setting up for the day. It was a unique experience to explore the market in the quiet morning before it gets crowded.

After an hour of exploring, we headed to the Space Needle and walked along the pier, making the most of the sunny weather. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore Pike Place Market, it offers a true taste of Seattle’s history and culture.

On our journey to the Space Needle, we stumbled upon the picturesque park of Gas Works. The park offers a unique blend of outdoor art exhibits, a mini botanical garden, and a stunning view of the Space Needle in the distance. It was a great way to begin our trip to the Space Needle and set a positive tone for the rest of our visit.

Gas Works Park is a must-see destination for visitors to Seattle. The park offers a chance to explore and appreciate the city’s art and culture, as well as providing an opportunity to take in the beautiful views of Seattle’s skyline. Take the time to visit Gas Works Park on your way to the Space Needle, it will surely enhance your experience and provide you with a deeper understanding of Seattle’s beauty and history.

Space Needle

Known as the city’s iconic landmark, the Space Needle is a must-see destination for visitors to Seattle. The views from the top, on a clear day, are absolutely breathtaking. We were able to see the entire city from a bird’s eye view. However, as it’s a popular tourist attraction, expect to share the space with others.

One of the unique features of the Space Needle is the rotating floor on the 2nd level of the observation deck. It provides a 360-degree view of the city, but it can be a bit unsettling if you’re not used to it. If you prefer a more stable viewing experience, step away from the glass floor to take in the views from the side.

The Space Needle also has a small bar and restaurant on-site, but the restaurant is only available via reservations. With the Seattle City Pass, you can return at night, when the crowds are much less hectic, making it the perfect spot for a romantic date night or a place to relax and unwind. Take the opportunity to visit the Space Needle, and admire the beauty of Seattle from one of the most iconic landmark in the city.

Chihuly Garden and Glass

After admiring the views from the Space Needle, we walked just a few steps to see the glass exhibition at Chihuly Garden and Glass. The artist’s glasswork sculptures were a breathtaking display of colors and shapes that left us in awe.

The exhibition includes both indoor and outdoor galleries, showcasing the artist’s creations in a garden setting. The beautiful gardens and sculptures blend together in perfect harmony, making it a unique and inspiring experience. At the end of the tour, we took a break and had a delicious pizza in their garden, where we also had the opportunity to watch a small demonstration of how these beautiful sculptures are created using glass, which was quite informative.

Chihuly Garden and Glass is an unmissable attraction for art enthusiasts visiting Seattle, it not only provides an opportunity to admire the artist’s work but also to understand the techniques and the process behind his creations, making it an educational and inspiring experience.

Chihuly and Glass in Seattle

Boat Tour

Our weekend in Seattle wasn’t complete without a boat tour of the city with Argosy Cruises Seattle. As the tour was originally scheduled for Sunday, we made sure to make the most of the sunny day and change our reservations to take advantage of the beautiful weather. We were so glad we did, as the cruise provided us with a fantastic view of the city’s skyline; a rare treat in Seattle known for its frequent rain.

On that day, the waters were bustling with activity, with kayakers, tour boats, and container ships all around, it felt like a city all on its own. Argosy Cruises Seattle offers an unique perspective on the city, providing a chance to admire Seattle’s waterfront, skyline, and its surrounding islands, which would be impossible to experience otherwise. This tour was not only exciting but also a great way to see the city from a different angle and really appreciate the beauty and diversity of the region.

Seattle Skyline


After a long day of exploring the city, we were craving a satisfying meal and found ourselves at Dough Zone Dumpling House, located conveniently near our hotel. We ordered their House Specials, Q Bao, and Garlic Noodles, and were not disappointed. This restaurant is a must-visit for anyone looking for a satisfying Chinese meal in Seattle.

As the night went on, the rain began to fall, signaling the end of our time in Seattle. Dough Zone Dumpling House is a great spot for those who want to enjoy delicious and authentic Chinese food, a perfect way to end a day of exploring the city. Don’t miss the opportunity to savor some of the best Chinese cuisine Seattle has to offer, in the comfort of a cozy, and casual spot.

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