San Antonio Texas
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Texan Experience: 5 Things I Learned.

Our trip to Texas was suppose to happen two months ago but, due to circumstances we ended up changing plans and went to Colorado instead (which turned out to be one of the best trips we’ve been on). We decided that going to Texas was either to go now or it will never happen so, here we go!

Upon arriving in Texas, a few things that I noticed right away were the following:

  1. Gas Prices: Holy moly! I was shocked to see how cheap the gas prices were in Texas. I had to ask my bf out loud if I was seeing things correctly. I mean, I’ve never seen it in the $1 range…ever! I guess it makes sense as the major big oil companies are located in Texas providing major competition. Coming from California, $1 range is darn affordable to say the least.
  2. Humidity: This was another surprising fact about Texas. The minute we landed it looked cloudy outside and base on the weather app it was going to be cool. I wasn’t worried of being cold since I had my raincoat on and wore multiple layers. As soon as we stepped foot outside the doors the humidity hit me like stepping on gum. I started peeling off layers one at a time and wore light shirts for the few days it was humid.
  3. Traffic: not a huge surprise but, I found it interesting how very similar the traffic jams and drivers were in Texas in compare to California (specifically Southern California). The few times we drove on the freeway we always ended up hitting traffic (and I mean back to back traffic). I thought I was in L.A. for a hot sec.
  4. Friendly: I’ve never met one person in Texas that wasn’t the least friendly. Every single person we encountered were genuinely nice and ultra helpful.
  5. Food: This was the only trip that I can remember in U.S.A where almost every single food I’ve had was very good and quite memorable. Pharm to Table was my favorite one of them all. They have a nice outdoor dining ambiance and the food was very good! Highly recommended 🙂

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