Biden Won. Now What?

After a few days of a cliff hanging presidential election, America finally decided on Joe Biden as our next President. People celebrated around the world and it felt, for a brief moment, as if we had risen from a deep depression. At some point we will but, for now current issues needs to be addressed and fixed before we can get back to a “normal” way of life. Here are a few things that we may see changing in the travel industry once Biden takes over in Jan. 20, 2021.

A Solid Health Guidelines Protocols
To wear or not to wear a mask. There’s always been inconsistencies in enforcement since the beginning of the pandemic and it is likely that there will be protocols across the board.

“as the focus goes back to helping airlines get back on their feet, getting the virus under control, and putting in place national policies to allow people to travel safely, both internationally and domestically.”

~ Jesse Neugarten, CEO and founder of Dollar Flight Club

Visiting Colorado
for the First Time

These are the times
of a New Normal

Stimulus Plan Extension
This is one thing that both Biden & Trump agreed on. We all know that the travel industry has been hit the hardest from the Coronavirus crisis. Both agreed to extend the Stimulus Plan to help bail out the airline industry and recover.

Increase Test Sites
Before people can become confident about traveling they need to feel safe and part of that initiative is to increase test sites. A few airports have already implemented these facilities.

Brett Snyder, founder and author of the airline industry blog Cranky Flier, agrees. “The travel industry needs two things. First, it needs the Covid crisis to be controlled better, and then it needs borders to open. Those go hand in hand. So I think the prospects of borders reopening sooner are likely to be better with a President Biden,” he said.


The “Rail Revolution”
Biden’s infrastructure plans includes improving the rail system. This is one that I am excited about as it will make it much easier to get around domestically as another option other than taking an airplane.

No one knows what the future holds but, we can be sure changes are upon us. I am excited to see how the travel industry will shape after we tackle on the coronavirus once and for all.

Stay tuned.

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