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Discover Denver’s Hidden Gems: Scooter Adventures, Delicious Food and Unique Themed Accommodations

The 4th of July weekend started off with a bang as we scrambled to adjust our travel plans amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Our original destination of Texas was quickly ruled out due to the rising virus cases, leaving us with a sense of unease and uncertainty. But we weren’t going to let a little virus rain on our parade, and after some brainstorming, we decided to take a chance on Colorado.

We may have been apprehensive at first, but as soon as we set foot in this incredible state, we knew we had made the right choice. The mountains towered above us, beckoning us to come closer and explore their majestic peaks. The air was crisp and invigorating, and the relative emptiness of the place was a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of our home state of California.

It was as if we had entered a different world, one where peace and tranquility reigned supreme. We couldn’t believe our luck as we breathed in the fresh mountain air, surrounded by the awe-inspiring beauty of the Colorado landscape. We knew that this was exactly what we needed after weeks of working long hours and preparing for a move.

We set out to discover all that Colorado had to offer, from its rugged outdoor activities to its charming towns and hidden gems. Everywhere we turned, there was a new adventure waiting for us, whether it was hiking through the majestic mountains or exploring the quaint shops and restaurants of small towns.


We wanted to experience the city like never before, so we rented some scooters and took to the streets like true adventurers. The sensation of the wind whipping through our hair as we zipped around the city on two wheels was absolutely exhilarating!

As we rode through the streets, we were amazed by the beauty of the city that surrounded us. It was like seeing everything for the first time. The architecture, the sights, and the sounds were all so captivating that we couldn’t take our eyes off of it all. And thanks to the convenience of Uber, renting scooters was a breeze. We didn’t even have to leave the app to find the perfect ride!

With the freedom and flexibility that the scooters provided, we were able to cover so much ground in such a short amount of time. We cruised past bustling neighborhoods, vibrant street art, and gorgeous architecture, all while feeling the wind in our hair and the sun on our skin.

Riding the scooters was like a breath of fresh air, a welcome change from the crowded streets of California. It was so easy to navigate the city and discover hidden gems that we would have never found otherwise. We were able to make the most of our time in the city, seeing and experiencing everything that it had to offer.


As soon as we arrived in Denver at the Union Station (also known as RTD), our stomachs were growling with hunger. We made our way inside to the Ultrea restaurant and were delighted to find outdoor seating available. We quickly perused their happy hour menu and decided on a few tapas plates to start. The highlight of the meal was definitely the octopus, which we ended up ordering twice! We also devoured some delicious bread with tomatoes, sausage, and a variety of cheeses. I paired mine with a rich red wine, while Christian opted for a cold beer. It was the perfect way to kick off our trip and we highly recommend this restaurant.

But the Union Station itself is also worth exploring. It’s a historic building with a railway system that takes you straight from the airport to downtown for a mere $10 each way. Inside, you’ll find a variety of restaurants and bars that are also worth checking out. It’s definitely a must-see destination for any food lover.


As soon as we stepped off the train at Denver’s iconic Union Station, the intoxicating aroma of delectable food wafted through the air, making our stomachs grumble in anticipation. We rushed inside and were thrilled to find a vibrant atmosphere buzzing with energy. The Ultrea restaurant caught our eye, and we quickly snagged an outdoor table, taking in the beautiful city views as we perused the menu.

The happy hour menu offered plenty of delicious options, but the octopus caught our attention. And when it arrived at our table, we were blown away. Tender, succulent, and full of flavor, we ended up ordering it twice! We also indulged in fresh bread paired with juicy tomatoes, savory sausage, and a selection of mouthwatering cheeses. To quench our thirst, I opted for a rich red wine, while Christian chose a cold beer, perfectly complementing the feast.

But the Union Station itself was an attraction in its own right. The grandeur of the historic building with its gleaming railway system that takes you straight from the airport to downtown was breathtaking. The diverse array of restaurants and bars within the station provided endless options for indulging in scrumptious delights. The Ultrea restaurant was just the tip of the iceberg, and we could not wait to explore more. It was the ultimate foodie’s paradise, and we felt lucky to have stumbled upon it.

See or Do

As we stepped into the newly transformed pedestrian-only square, we were hit with an energy that was contagious. The sound of music and laughter filled the air, with people of all ages and backgrounds enjoying the warm summer night. It was clear that this was the place to be.

The restaurants that lined the square were bursting with life, with outdoor dining that spilled out onto the sidewalk. We could smell the aroma of sizzling steaks, charred burgers, and spicy tacos wafting through the air. It was hard to choose where to eat, as every place seemed to be offering something unique and delicious.

We took our time to explore, strolling along the cobblestone streets, taking in the lively atmosphere. Street performers entertained us with their music and tricks, and we found ourselves joining in the fun, clapping along to the beat.

As the night began to wind down, we made our way back to our cozy bed, excited for what the next day in Denver had in store for us. The vibrant energy of the city had left us buzzing with excitement, and we couldn’t wait to see what other adventures awaited us in this lively, dynamic city.

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