Chicago Rooftop
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Exploring Chicago: A Sunny Adventure in the Windy City Day 2

Another sunny day in Chicago made me feel spoiled. The weather during my trip, considering the brutal cold, had proven to be quite the opposite.

I had already started my day with a delicious breakfast at the well-known Wildberry Cafe. It was set in the heart of the Millennium Park, and I met a few friends there to catch up over pancakes and toast. The food was good, which explained why the line was always long right out the door. I didn’t end up finishing half of my food before I started feeling full, so definitely make sure to order what you can finish.

Note: Add yourself to the waitlist at least an hour prior to coming here as the wait to get a table usually takes about 45-60 minutes long. The earlier you come the better.

After breakfast, we made our way to the zoo via Lyft. The Lincoln Park Zoo was a 10-minute drive from the loop. It is one of the oldest zoos on the continent and home to various types of animals, including giraffes, crocodiles, a polar bear, monkeys, and much more. Our favorite part of the zoo was the African Exploration exhibit (don’t quote us on the name). They created a forest-themed experience, including an open room with birds free to fly around. It was both cool yet scary (because one of us is afraid of birds) at the same time. We spent about an hour and a half before deciding to move on with our journey.

After the zoo, the weather remained sunny for the rest of the day. We decided to head over to the Navy Pier to check out the “largest rooftop bar” in Chicago.

We thought navigating to the Offshore Navy Pier was long. It was located all the way at the end of the pier, through the hallway, and up 2-4 floors. Once we arrived, the view was quite impressive. We were able to see the Chicago skyline from the rooftop, including the Michigan River.

The ambiance of the bar was casual with seating all around. People were able to go indoors and outdoors, enjoy playing pool or relax next to fire pits situated along the sides of the deck. It reminded us a bit of Hive and Honey rooftop bar in Irvine, but much bigger.

A few steps from the Navy Pier is the Crystal Gardens, a small indoor greenhouse that is connected to a small shopping center. It was a great spot to pause and relax with trees and fountains around. I stayed here for a few minutes before heading out to eat.

To be continued…


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