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Chicago’s Tourist Sites. (Video)

Saturday’s schedule was jam packed with outdoor activities that I wanted to see or do. I originally intended to spread out the activities in a span of 4 days while I was in Chicago but, since the weather was fantastic, I decided to see as much of outdoor related activities as possible. Most of them, of course, were the typical tourist sites.

In daylight, I realized the vibe of Chicago is quite different compare to the walk I had at night. The buildings stood tall above me and lined up next to each-other which reminded me a little bit of downtown L.A. except with narrower streets, more buildings, less crowded and much cleaner. The weather, on the other hand, was still cold but, not freezing at all. I was very lucky.

Millenium Park

I made it to the Cloud Gate (a.k.a “The Bean”) around 8:30 am and was happy to find out that I didn’t have to fight my way through other tourists. I took several photos and videos here, taking advantage of the fantastic lighting I had. The Bean itself is a stainless steel sculpture, a famous symbol of Chicago and is one of the most photographed attractions.

Nutella Cafè

Down the street was a perfect breakfast spot called the Nutella Cafè. Yes, you heard that right. THE Nutella spread has a cafè location in Chicago. I ordered a toast with a nutella spread and boysenberries on top, strawberry crepe with nutella, and a cup of chia seed pudding with fruits and nutella topping. Yes, I was hungry and yes, it was good.

Chicago River: Windella Tour

By the time I was done eating, I made my way to the Chicago river where I would be taking the Wendella architecture tour. I had no idea what to expect on this tour, however, it turned out to be one of the best tours I’ve done. The tour is about 2 hours long where you ride a 2 decker boat along the Chicago river with the guide sharing facts about several of the building’s architecture history. You’re allowed to sit either at the top deck or below. Most people started off at the top deck since the view from here is top notch and made their way down to the heated indoor seating to warm up or grab food and drinks. I stayed most of my time at the top deck enjoying my view from my seat.

London House Hotel

After the tour, I walked over to the London House hotel right across the street from where our boat docked. I’ve heard about their rooftop view overlooking the river and the city so, I made sure to stop by and see it for myself.

The view here was pretty good. I was able to see the Chicago river bridges in the distance and the Trump Tower. At the time of my visit, there weren’t that much people around and I found myself, at times, alone. I took advantage of my view and stayed for 35 minutes taking photos and admiring the scene. Times like this, where I had this rooftop deck all to myself with a view of Chicago right in front of me, reminded me why I travel. That moment in time is an opportunity I’ll never get again.

To be continued…

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