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Petting Alpacas in Temecula. (Video)

Part of the experience I enjoyed while visiting Temecula was signing up to feed and pet a few Alpacas. As it was my first time bonding with these types of animals, I wasn’t sure how I felt about them. However, after much bonding I grew to love them in the end.

The Alpacas are cute especially with their bushy furs hanging right around their eyes. It made me wonder how the heck they are able to see under all that fur?

The tour started off with a guide discussing about the owner’s story in how she started her Alpaca ranch to the details about the animal’s fur. I found it intriguing and even more when I was able to feed the Alpacas in their pen.

Like any other animals, they get excited when food arrives. As soon as I walked in the pen they smelled the pellets and I immediately had my hands tied. A group of them surrounded me waiting to be fed. It scared me a bit as they were almost the same height as me but, I managed.

Luckily, remembering the introduction from our guide about what to do and what not to do around Alpaca animals helped me prepare for this moment. I slowly warmed up while feeding my new Alpaca friends in the pen and handed the food with no issues.

This activity, I thought, was a fun experience and I highly suggest it to anyone coming to Temecula.

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