Exploring Old Town Temecula. (Video)

You can’t come to Temecula without seeing Old Town. It is one of the main attraction aside from wine tasting and it is a must see in my opinion.

Truthfully, I didn’t have high hopes for Temecula at first because it reminded me of a previous experience I had visiting near the area that turned out to be disappointing. However, this trip completely changed my mind. Aside from my relaxing accommodation, I truly enjoyed seeing Old Town with its restored buildings along the main street, eating delicious meals, and window shopping. I found myself staying here for over 2 hours.


For dinner, my Airbnb host recommended eating at Goat and Vine, a pizza place that I now also recommend. Keep in mind there are a ton of restaurants to choose from in this area that are just as good. For food, I ended up ordering the chicken salad sandwhich and the steak gorgonzola pizza. I was satisfied and full.

One thing to note, since Old Town is a prime location for socializing (eating and drinking over the weekend) I highly suggest adding yourself on a wait list a few hours before your eating schedule. It seemed that all of the restaurants were fully booked on a Saturday night, not including people arriving on the spot; just something to be aware of before coming here on a whim and expecting to be seated may not be a smart thing to do.


Another tip to keep in mind is parking. The main street is definitely congested with people and traffic. Therefore, if you want to find parking without competing with other people, the best thing to do is use the public parking located 3 blocks up away from the main street. I found out about this public parking a day too late but, it was convenient when I came back to Old Town the next day.

Lastly, enjoy yourself exploring the main streets and don’t forget to also walk down the side streets. There are plenty of stores that are hidden and are worth looking into.

See my post on my first day in Temecula.

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