The Quiet Side of Temecula. (Video)

A busy work week for me usually means retreating to a quieter weekend getaway. Temecula came to mind as a perfect spot in re-setting. It was a place that was easy to reach (within an hour) from home yet, far enough to feel like I am in another world.

What’s great about Temecula is that it’s known as a wine country town. Therefore, finding a place that matched what I was looking for wasn’t a problem. My needs were met when I found a place on Airbnb, a studio apartment owned by a superhost couple that was nestled in between mountains, away from the traffic noise and most of all secluded.

When I arrived I was greeted by my host who helped me carry my bags up to my room. He showed me around and I was in awe of the balcony that overlooked the avocado trees with the mountains in the background. The wine (pictured above) was provided by my host, a nice touch I thought. As you can imagine, the balcony became my go to spot for the rest of the trip.

The studio apartment itself was built a few years ago by my host. He had informed me that he bought this property way beyond my years and got a good price. Now, retired he and his wife decided to use it as means for business (a great idea don’t ya think?).

To be continued….


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