MLK 3-Day Weekend. What Are You Up To?

How’s your first month of this year going so far? It seems for me it’s been on a roller coaster ride juggling between work and trying to fit in that travel life. I’m feeling like there never seem to be enough time which is why I’m looking forward to a much needed 3-Day weekend to hopefully, slow down and relax.

Tomorrow we start off with a bang by heading down to Anaheim for a work related event. There’ll be games, food, artists and much more. If you’re in town make sure to check it out.

Following the event mayhem, we’re also going away for the weekend and heading out somewhere away from the city where it’s a bit more remote. I’ll talk about it a bit more later but, if you want to find out earlier check out my instagram stories for live updates.

Have a great weekend!

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