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Here we go folks! On the last leg of my trip I made a detour down to Ojai as I made my way back home to Orange County. The sun was already shining by 10am and I was very happy to be warmer than it had been in the last few days being in the rain and all.

Heading towards Ojai required driving through a narrow lane overlooking an infinite backdrop of the mountains. There were a few moments of exhilaration. The drive reminded me a lot of the view I saw when I went up to Sequoia National Park but, with less trees.

I decided to stop in one of those lookout points and observed my view. I can’t remember the name of the lake that I saw, however, it fit itself quite nicely between the rolling hills providing calmness to the overall scene.

After a few photo ops, I finally descended my way to the windy roads of Ojai and made it in downtown within a few minutes. Upon my arrival, I noticed how busy it was with people crossing the streets, walking in and out of the shops, dining outside, a few playing with their dogs at a park or casually reading in one of those benches outside the stores. It made me want to jump out and explore the town right away.

Parking was ok. I looped around the block a couple of times and finally settled on a parking spot in one of the shopping centers. I started walking around the area and found that the Farmer’s Market was the cause of the early morning traffic. aHA!

I made my way around the front of the city center and thought how similar Ojai was to Paso Robles. It is small yet packed with boutiques, home goods, restaurants, etc. with a hippie feel. I ended up at Bart’s Books, an outdoor bookstore that was featured in a teen comedy movie called Easy A among other documentaries, newspapers, etc.

I came across a museum and decided to bypass it as I wanted to stay outdoors for a bit longer. After an hour of walking, I ended my day eating at a local pizza spot and finally wrapped up my mini getaway vacation.

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