Downtown Paso Robles
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Pit Stop in Downtown Paso Robles.

I arrived late afternoon in Paso Robles. The rain had stopped but, the weather stayed cool under 50F. I was freezing. Still, I went on like a trooper to inspect what the hype was all about.

Downtown was shaped in a circular motion lined with shops, restaurants, bars and a park situated in the middle of it all. Parking was fairly easy and free on a Sunday. I walked around looking for a good happy hour at a bar then, decided on dinner at Basil Thai Restaurant. It looked cozy from the view outside which drew me in. Surprisingly, the food was delicious.

I ordered the Thai platter plate that contained fried calamari, Thai rolls, crispy tofu, two golden bags and a sauce. As a side, I also ordered a plate of Pad Thai Noodle doubting that I may have ordered way too much food. It turned out I was hungry and ended up eating everything.

After much food coma realization, I paid for my dinner and headed out to walk a bit more around town. I was surprised to find that there were quite a bit of shops in the area beyond what you see from the center. I went in one of the stores that sold different types of olive oils and did a few tastings. That was another thing that I found out that was a popular activity in Paso Robles is olive oil tastings. They have a few of these stores around.

I walked a few more blocks when the rain started dropping. That was my cue to go home. Although, I didn’t end up doing any wine tastings on this trip, I can assure you that Paso Robles is the place to go. Coming in to town I came across a few wineries that were worth checking out but, due to time and weather I opted to come back another time.

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