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Santa Barbara on the go.

With no specific plans in mind, I went to downtown Santa Barbara in the morning to see what it’s all about. My handy weather app told me that the rain was suppose to come in in the next 24 hours, therefore, I took full advantage of my time outside before it started pouring.

Strolling through downtown was quite nice. They seemed to have all of the standard restaurants, shops or grocery stores that you would find in any other town. One of the things I found was the gum alley way that was known for the gum wall similar to Seattle. I peeked along with a few other tourists taking photos of the wall with gums stuck to it that deemed cool and nasty at the same time.

I passed through the Old Mission and saw a long line for people to see Santa Clause. The kids and adults looked excited and festive for the holidays. Some of the restaurants even had christmas lights decors. Saying this town was definitely in the holiday mood would be underrated to say the least.

The sun was still beaming and I probably spent an hour and a half before I decided to leave for Morro Bay.

To be continued…


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