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Snapshot on Solvang, California

Last Thanksgiving, I took a road trip up north to Santa Barbara for a quick weekend getaway. One of the stops on my list was a small town called Solvang. Although I had been there before, I had forgotten just how charming it was until I arrived.

As I walked through downtown, I was amazed by the Danish-style architecture that surrounded me. It was like stepping into a different world. I couldn’t resist checking out some of the local bakeries, coffee shops, and restaurants – they were all so inviting and cozy.

The town has a certain charm that makes you want to come back again and again. Even though it was a brief stop on my trip, it left a lasting impression on me.

As I was leaving Solvang, I stumbled upon a hidden gem – a field full of ostriches and emus that you can feed for just $1 (with a $5 admission fee per person). I couldn’t resist stopping by to see these fascinating creatures up close.

The experience was truly unique and unforgettable. These animals are quite grabby though, so I had to be careful when I extended my hand out to feed them. But the excitement of interacting with these big birds made it all worth it.

It’s definitely a must-visit spot if you’re ever in the area. It’s not every day you get to feed ostriches and emus!


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