Snapshot on Solvang, California

Over Thanksgiving, I drove up north to Santa Barbara for a weekend making brief stops through quaint small towns.

Solvang was the first on my list. While it’s not my first time coming here per se, I had forgotten what this town was like until I arrived. Walking through downtown I was fascinated at the Danish style architecture and wondered further checking out the bakeries, coffee shops and restaurants. The town truly has a charm that makes you want to come back.

On my way out of Solvang I found a little hidden gem where they have an entire field full of Ostriches and Emus that you can feed for $1 with a $5 admission fee per person. I couldn’t help myself and had to stop by. Be warned though, these animals are quite grabby so, be careful when you extend your pan out for them to eat.

One thought on “Snapshot on Solvang, California

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