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Snapshot on Georgetown, Washington D.C

The weather was good to us in the last few days until, our visit to Georgetown. However, rain or shine we still squeezed a few hours of sightseeing this town.

Georgetown is not to be missed. It’s got everything you need and then some. From the harbour waterfront restaurants to high end shops, there’s so much to see that you would need at least two days to explore more of this district.

We arrived at the harbour around 2pm. Thankfully, it wasn’t raining yet but, the crowd was already in full blown. It was definitely crowded (if not, more) like Annapolis. People were found drinking and eating at the restaurants along the waterfront, a few were waiting in line to take a boat tour, kids and adults on scooters roaming through the park, tourists (like us) taking photos with the Patomatic River as their backdrop, a few people reading, joggers passing by; you name it, people were everywhere.

One thing to keep in mind when coming here is to prepare to walk up the hill in the beginning if, you’re coming from the waterfront. I’d say we walked a good 10-15 min. towards the shops and it was a bit hilly getting there. However, once you’re in the shopping center area then, it’s all flat. We walked around a few blocks window shopping and saw various typical chain stores like Zara, HM, etc. I thought there were a ton of people by the waterfront but, in this area the amount of people nearly doubled. Coming on a Saturday was probably not the best idea. However, it was the only time we had to explore, therefore, we made the best of it.

After 2 hours of sightseeing, the rain started. We decided to bail and head back to our hotel. Overall, I enjoyed the energy of this city in compare to the other towns we visited. People were genuinely nice and there’s a youthful energy that makes this place special.


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