Fall Getaway in the East Coast.

A trip to the east coast is a rare case for me. Usually, I’m passing through on a layover, however, this time I’ve made it a point to explore a bit more of the east coast (specifically Maryland and Virginia). It was pretty cool to see this side of U.S.A with many quaint small towns and I found it hard to believe it’s taken me this long to finally see these places.

Our first stop was Alexandria, Virginia.

Alexandria is one of those towns that you have to visit. It has a European flair with narrow streets, brick sidewalks, boutiques and specialty shops with well preserved 18th and 19th century buildings. It was hard not to like anything about it.

Oddly, I’ve never heard of this place before until this trip. A friend of mine had recommended it and we wanted to see something different aside from D.C. Therefore, mom and I settled on seeing Alexandria on our first day and made our way there with our rental car.

The weather was about 55F and no rain in the beginning of November. We got lucky. Mom and I walked around Kings Street towards the waterfront area and then drove further down to see more shops. I definitely loved this town because it has character. We got there early in the morning so, there were only a few people around.

For the most part, we hopped around looking at shops. I noticed they had a mix of boutiques and chain stores. A few coffee shops that I recognized. Then, I saw we could’ve taken the trolley or bus that would’ve allowed us to stop at various locations in the Old Town. We wanted to take this opportunity and use the trolley though, we waited more than 15 minutes and decided to head back to Maryland (our base) to meet the rest of the family for dinner.

Wait! There’s more!

The adventure did not stop there. One thing that I also loved was the drive to Alexandria and back to our hotel. If you ever get a chance to drive around and explore the east coast, I highly suggest renting a car like we did.
The drive is one of the best views I’ve seen. We passed through several lush green trees through windy roads and beautiful million dollar homes to keep you occupied. It really felt like we were in a completely different part of U.S….well, indeed, we were 😉

To be continued…

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