The Hidden Hindu Worship Center is in L.A.

A few days ago I was scanning through Instagram looking for inspirational local travel spots and I happened to come across an interesting looking architecture. The design of the building were carved and very detailed. I clicked on the image thinking it was a place you would find somewhere in Asia. However, I came to realize that it was a Hindu place located in Chino Hills which, wasn’t too far from me.

I further investigated and kept looking for other images that would tell me more about this place but, I found none (except selfies in front of the vicinity). As a spare of the moment situation, I made my way to Chino Hills to further explore this place.

Photos really don’t do any justice because even though the architecture is beautiful from outside, being onsite and taking in the entire experience is 100% better. Also, not seen in any photos for obvious reasons, the inside is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

Before you enter, the door alone has intricate details that I wasn’t quite sure what it was made out of or if, it was heavy to open. I made it in.

A statue outside next to the entrance door

Once I was inside I stood there not quite sure where to go but, I was faced with white-ish multiple pillars with very detailed carvings that went all the way up to the ceilings. The gentleman who worked there knew it was my first time because my face, I’m sure, looked stunned. I have never seen anything like it. He approached me and asked if it was my first time and I nodded curiously. He went on and gave me a brief overview of the place how they carved all of the designs by hand and how these pieces were shipped from abroad to how they keep this place contained from earthquakes. He guided me through and told me to go to the museum downstairs and then come back for the ceremony.

The ceremony was interesting. They had opened up certain rooms and I sat on the ground with everyone else. I didn’t know the language nor did I know what was being said and definitely I was out of place but, I followed through the entire process for 20-30 minutes. We walked around from one room to another, praying and I eventually made my way to the Abhishek room which, the gentlemen I spoke to earlier suggested.

‘The Abhishek is an ancient Vedic ritual of bathing the murti of God as a way to honor him and attain his blessings for inner peace.’ Again, I was lost and had no idea what I was suppose to do. However, out of no where a little boy who was about 4 or 5 years old came in the room and saved me. He guided me through the entire process. He showed me that I needed to wash my hands first, grab a cup and bathe the murti of God. I am thankful for the little boy because there were other people inside praying and without him, I probably would have left instead of having this wonderful experience.

Have you visited BAPS?

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