Bowers Museum exhibit on “Couture Beyond”.

Coming from Milan, I’d like to say I know a thing or two about luxury fashion. Definitely, I’m no fashion connoisseur, though, I found ‘Couture Beyond’ exhibit happening now in Santa Ana quite fascinating.

The Bower’s Museum is an art museum located in Orange County, California. Its permanent collections highlights Native American Art, pre-Columbian Mesoamerica, Asian, African and Oceania art and special exhibits such as the ‘Couture Beyond’.

‘Couture Beyond’ exhibit drew me in because of its elaborate styles. All of the pieces I saw were feminine and girly with intricate detailing. Think Lady Gaga style; over the top, exaggerated and bold except with more colors.

These were some of my favorite pieces. The colors, cuts and embroidery were impeccable.
Those shoes though….
This is definitely not meant to sit down.
Look at how beautiful those embroideries are on the dress and shoes!
The hairpiece was also fun.
Another favorite of mine. I thought the clips on the tutu were a nice touch.
My favorite room with the sequins!
lol this one was very very ornate
This gown I can see people wear.
I love this one!

Aside from seeing various pieces laid out they’ve also added a videos on the walls that showcase how these clothes were worn on the runway. I was beyond impressed how such complicated details worn on the runway looked effortless. Do you have a favorite piece?

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