Sunset Duffy Harbor Cruise in Newport Beach.

A few weeks ago, I was invited to go on a boat ride in Newport. I happily agreed and joined 3 other women on an hour and a half ride around the harbor. For many locals, this is a common activity in the area as Newport Beach is one of the coastline city in Southern California known for its ‘large, boat-filled harbor’.

Our duffy was quite roomy that fit all 4 of us comfortably. I hear one of these can fit up to 8 people. I was glad that we had plenty of room to spread out. I was also excited on this boat ride for the fact that it was my first time, ever, driving a duffy in my life. I’ve been on it multiple times before but, never drove one. I found it quite easy like driving a car. Check.

As I looked around the harbor, I saw other boats strolling around us. Some of them were small in size while others were much larger. There were also boats filled with youngsters who looked extra happy. I thought it was quite a scene to see them in the harbor going in circles with no worries in the world. To be young!

One of my favorite parts about this day was going through an area near the homes. The homes we saw were beautiful and likely, very expensive. We cruised much slower here and the water slowly rippled as we drove through the harbor. It put me at ease.

As I looked around, our view I thought was quite magnetic. That’s what I love about being near the water, it has a way of making me feel calm.

At this point, the sunset finally set upon us. The colors of the sky turned into pinkish tones. It was my absolute favorite time of the day.

Would you ever try cruising in Newport Beach harbor?


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