Take a cruise through the harbor in Newport Beach

Blessed with a stretch of coastline, a harbor cruise in Newport is a common water activity for many locals. It was late Friday afternoon, I had just arrived at the dock to meet my friends. We greeted each-other, hopped on our duffy and made ourselves comfortable. The sunset was glowing making the end of the day that much special.

As I looked around me, I noticed that our duffy was quite roomy. It fit all 4 of us comfortably and one of the girls mentioned that it can actually fit up to 8 people. I found it true as I saw other boats nearby that were packed with teenagers without much room in compare to ours. One thing I love about going on a duffy ride is that it can be a social activity or a personal one. There’s nothing more romantic or fun than casually drive around the harbor after a long day.

The view is also quite a scene. We awed and ah over some of the most expensive and beautiful homes around.

At some point, the sunset colors turned into pinkish tones. It was my absolute favorite time of the day.

Would you ever try cruising in Newport Beach harbor?

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