June Babies: Dual Birthday Brunch Celebration at Bluegold.

Time really does move quickly. I can still remember writing a post from my last year’s bday. My day was spent relaxing on a terrace, taking in the sun while having brunch overlooking the city of Orange County. This year, I made a joint birthday brunch with a friend who also celebrated her birthday this month.

Accompanied with our other friends, we spent our morning chomping over bread, Bagel w/ Lox and a Shakshouka plate. We shared the plates as they were rather hefty and large for 1 person alone.

Dish 1: Shakshouka
Dish 2: Bagel w/ Lox

Base on yelp reviews, the best view is the booth section. Luckily, I did my homework and found this very helpful. So, we made a reservation and requested for the booth. Our ocean view did not disappoint. I sat right by the window and could not help and take a snap.

View from our table, nooooot bad at all!
The other June baby celebrating her birthday with me.
Can you tell she’s hungry?

I’ve mentioned about the food being good. What I didn’t share is how good the milk rolls were as a starter. I highly recommend it. They come in 4 pieces, a bit tiny and pricey but, dangerously good. I think it’s the hazelnut honey ingredient is what made me want more. Mmmmm.

Also, not written anywhere on yelp but, the portions here are large. We ordered a plate of Bagel with Lox and we still had a lot leftover for the 4 of us. Sharing 3 different plates with the 4 of us was the perfect choice.

How many of you prefer to share different plates vs. getting your own?

Restaurant: Bluegold
Location: Huntington Beach, CA

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