Ocean Fusion Wake Up Call – Retreat Day 2

The 2nd day of our retreat started exactly at 8am. It was a cool morning and we started our company group bonding with a game at the Laguna Beach park overlooking the Pacific Coast ocean.

Laguna Beach has one of the best views in Orange County that I’ve seen. Really, it truly is one of those where it makes you want to stop and take it all in. A view like this is what makes California a dream.

Our puzzle game involved us running around all over the downtown area trying to solve various puzzles from paintings, murals to statues. Eventually, the game ended and we finally had time to sit down to have brunch at The Cliff Restaurant.

The Cliff Restaurant

My breakfast was not so simple croissant with cheese and ham paired with a bowl of fruits. It was one of my go to type of breakfast that I could not pass up once I saw the menu. I have to say, the view from my chair was also as good as my food (if not, better).

After brunch, we took a 2 hour break before heading to do a puzzle room game. If, you’ve never done a puzzle room before, I suggest trying it at least once. A puzzle room game is a timed game where you can sign up with your friends or teammates to go into a theme based room and you figure out (base on the theme of the room) how to get out of that room. It’s a great team building opportunity for anyone as you get to learn how to work with each other as a whole.

Hive & Honey Rooftop Bar

We ended our day with dinner at Hive & Honey rooftop bar. The panaramic view here was also as good as Laguna Beach. With the backdrop view of the sunset, it was a great way of ending a long day with wine and food while socializing with my team.

Have you participated a company retreat before? What was your experience like?

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