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A Sunday Tea Affair

The affair started a year ago. A group of us used to work together where we bonded over work drama and secretly meeting at restaurants to run away from our daily stressful lives at work. Somehow, we outgrew meeting at random restaurants over the months and one day, we decided to meet at a tea house. The affair became much deeper. I wasn’t quite sure if it was the love for tea or food or both but, since our first rendezvous at The Tea House on Los Rios, we knew we had to keep our tea meetings going. For those who’ve never been to Tea Houses, in a nutshell, it’s an establishment (at least in California) known for social gatherings to celebrate special occasions such as baby showers, birthdays, bridal, or brunch. Yes, these places usually require reservations ahead of time, therefore, we picked a date a few weeks in advance and chose to go to Morning Lavender in Tustin for our approaching engagement. asa_teaparty4.jpg
Once we were seated at our table, we knew that presentation was everything. Tea Houses are known for their lavish designs and Morning Lavender was no different. Their tea cups, kettle and plates definitely had the all over flower prints found in most Tea House table settings. I liked the gold accents on the sugar tongs, forks and spoons because it made the entire set look more expensive.
asa_teaparty1.jpgMorning Lavender, a neighborhood boutique store and cafe, opened only a few months ago in Old Town Tustin, CA. Inside the establishment you’ll find dainty and cute details from their clothes, to the wallpapers, the table settings and even their food truck. I can see its appeal to many women and having been to several Tea Houses now, I give this place kudos for staying consistent with their “lavender” theme.
asa_teaparty3.jpgThe teas, I thought, were good. We each ordered a different type of tea so, we could try 4 different flavors. My favorite was Peaches and Cream. It was quite subtle and sweet that worked well with the scones and sandwiches.
asa_teaparty2.jpgThe food was served on a 3 tier cake stand with sweets at the top, scones in the middle and sandwiches at the bottom. This is common at tea houses where assortments of sandwiches, fruits, desserts and scones are offered. I thought the best part about the food at Morning Lavender were the sandwiches. Unfortunately, the scones at the previous tea place we went to was much better. There was something about those scones crumbling that once I tasted it, it had the softness I exactly wanted. I would definitely go back to that place just for the scones alone.
asa_teaparty.jpgFor $35, I think the tea offerings at Morning Lavender was ok. I would’ve probably switched the desserts for fruits instead. However, their close proximity to home was ultra convenient for our quick secret affair.

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