80 Degrees of Sightseeing

My 2nd day in Quebec City was oven status. It was hotter than So. Cal desert weather which, kept me heading back to my hotel room every chance I could to cool off under the a/c all throughout the day. According to the locals, I apparently came during the hottest week they’ve ever had in history. Can someone pour a bucket of ice over my head, like now?
Luckily, Quebec City is compact and small. Therefore, I decided to start my day very early to get the sightseeing rolling. With my list in hand, I made my way to Chateau Frontenac boardwalk to orient myself and made it my base. Google map was very handy and it found all of the sights I wanted to see. By noon, I had completed almost everything on my list.

My first stop was exploring lower town which, consists of sights from Quartier Petit Champlain, Place Royale and access to the harbor. I found it quite easy to get to from Upper town without having to take the funicular. There’s a side street on the boardwalk next to the funicular with 2 levels of stairs that you can take down (or up depending on which way you’re going). The upside to the stairs were the trees because it provided a shade during a very hot day. It was a perfect spot to take a break, of course, not during rush hour.

The Breakneck Steps built in 1635.

On a normal day, this area is almost impossible to get through without bumping on to people. However, if you hang with me, you get this view and Petit Champlain all to ourselves 🙂

Petit Champlain is a neighborhood lined with souvenir and gift shops, galleries, specialty stores (i.e. candies, chocolates, etc.) and bistros. It is one of the oldest commercial streets in North America and was named after the founder of the city name Samuel de Champlain. My favorite part about this street in particular were the colors and fonts used on the signs, decorations and the buildings. It was very much cheeky and colorful.

From the breakneck steps, when you head down the stairs and make a left. On this street you’ll find access to the Place Royale. The other way is to pass the breakneck steps and keep going down the street from the Upper Town. You’ll eventually hit Place Royale square. You can’t miss it, as you will eventually see the Fresque des Québécois Mural on the wall of a building you’ll pass by (see below).

quebeccityThe Fresque des Québécois Mural depicts the story of Qeubec City and looking at it as a whole, you get a sense of the city’s vibe.IMG_5512.jpgAfter I saw the mural, I came into the Place Royal square. It’s smaller than I anticipated but, you definitely see and feel the history of this area.

After Place Royal, I sauntered off further down the road parallel to the square and ended up somewhere near a park. I saw several apartments but, it lead me no where. Therefore, I turned back. Since, my walk took the rest of my morning time and the heat had reached to at least 85-90F, I opted to rest for a few hours in my hotel. Then, spent the afternoon shopping and more sightseeing.

…to be continued.

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