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80 Degrees of Sightseeing

I woke up on my 2nd day in Quebec City feeling the heat, and boy was it intense! The scorching sun was like a blazing furnace in the sky, making the weather hotter than a desert in Southern California. I couldn’t wait to escape to the cool comfort of my hotel room, where I could bask in the relief of the air conditioning. But I wasn’t going to let the heat defeat me. I was determined to make the most of my trip, and so, I rose early and hit the streets, ready for adventure!

With my trusty map in hand, I made my way to the stunning Chateau Frontenac boardwalk. It was the perfect starting point for my day of sightseeing. I used Google Maps to guide me to all the must-see spots, and before I knew it, I had already checked off almost everything on my list by noon!

First on my list was exploring the historic Lower Town, where I discovered the charming Quartier Petit Champlain, Place Royale, and the bustling harbor. I found it surprisingly easy to navigate, and I didn’t even need to take the funicular to get there! Instead, I took the side street on the boardwalk, which was shaded by trees and offered a more intimate experience. And with every step I took, I felt the excitement of discovery and the thrill of adventure, despite the heat of the day.

The Breakneck Steps built in 1635.

On a normal day, this area is almost impossible to get through without bumping on to people. However, if you hang with me, you get this view and Petit Champlain all to ourselves 🙂

Petit Champlain is a magical world of sights, sounds, and flavors! This charming neighborhood is a feast for the senses, with a colorful array of souvenir and gift shops, art galleries, specialty stores selling mouth-watering treats like candies and chocolates, and cozy bistros. It’s a true piece of history, as one of the oldest commercial streets in North America and named after the founder of Quebec City, Samuel de Champlain.

What I loved most about Petit Champlain, though, were the playful and vibrant colors and fonts used on the signs, decorations, and buildings. Every turn I took was a visual delight, with bold hues and whimsical designs that brought a cheeky smile to my face. It was like walking through a fairy tale, surrounded by the sights and sounds of a lively, authentic community.

Get ready for an unforgettable journey as you descend the heart-pumping steps from Upper Town and make a left! On this street, you’ll discover a hidden gem, the magnificent Place Royale. But if you’re feeling more adventurous, keep going straight down the street from the Upper Town and brace yourself for the breathtaking arrival at Place Royale square.

You won’t be able to miss it, as the stunning Fresque des Québécois Mural will come into view on the wall of a building you’ll pass by. This masterpiece of art is a true testament to the rich history and cultural heritage of Quebec City, and it’s not to be missed. So, take a deep breath, put on your walking shoes, and let the adventure begin!

quebeccityThe Fresque des Québécois Mural depicts the story of Qeubec City and looking at it as a whole, you get a sense of the city’s vibe.IMG_5512.jpgAfter I saw the mural, I came into the Place Royal square. It’s smaller than I anticipated but, you definitely see and feel the history of this area.

After leaving Place Royal, I strolled down the street next to the square and eventually found myself near a park. I roamed around for a bit and decided to head back. My morning walk had taken a lot out of me and with the temperature reaching a scorching 85-90F, I took a break and relaxed in my hotel room for a few hours. Later, I hit up some shops and continued my sightseeing adventure in the afternoon.


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