Quebec City
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Je Me Souviens

When my plane finally landed in Quebec City airport, I think I may have yelped a little internally. It was definitely quite an adventure just getting here but, I made it. Half asleep and half excited, I breezed through the airport and took a taxi to my B&B hotel.The scene on the way to my hotel wasn’t that exciting. However, when I got closer to the city center, I started seeing red brick homes that were mostly 2 story high and the streets got narrower. I noticed there were more people on foot than driving and about 40 minutes later, the taxi finally stopped in front of my B&B. Getting out of the car was surreal. I looked around me and from the narrow sidewalks, the cafe’s with its windows open and people eating, relaxing, drinking, to seeing the buildings made me feel at home. AH, this is exactly where I needed to be.

It was a warm late afternoon (about 78F), people were definitely in summer mood walking around in shorts, shirts, tank tops, dresses and hats. I walked over to my hotel and checked in. After feeling refreshed in my room I decided I wasn’t tired. I ended up walking around and within two blocks away from my hotel, I noticed the Chateau Frontenac was nearby. Jackpot! I could not believe how close I was to it. Within minutes I was on the boardwalk.

Me in Quebec CityChateau Frontenac 

My first impression was definitely wow! It couldn’t have been the best time to get here. The sunset had illuminated the entire city with its soft warm tones that set the bar high for the summer. Am I really here? Stop it! This is too good to be true.

I took a few minutes to take in the view of the St. Lawrence River from the Terrasse Dufferin. The view was quite magnificent providing a perspective of how big the city is. I was able to see the lower town from the distance, lots of activities in the water with boats coming in and out, and beyond the water was the view of Lèvis town. I mean what more do you need? After a few minutes of early excitements, I proceeded my walk up to Terrasse Pierre-Dugua-De Mons and decided to relax here. This terrace is basically at the end of the opposite side of Chateau Frontenac where, you walk up a small path on a hill. Arriving on the terrace I noticed it was packed with people sitting on the grass. I didn’t understand at first, why there were so many people there until I turned around and saw the view.

Quebec City
View from Terrasse Pierre-Dugua-De Mons

Oh la la! This view of the Chateau Frontenac and the St. Lawrence River became my favorite spot. I ended up staying here until the sunset disappeared along with other people who also had the same idea.

A few minutes after the sun went down I decided to go inside the Chateau Frontenac. I figured since I was already in the area I might as well check out what the fuss is all about. After all, it is one of the most photographed hotel in the world, why wouldn’t you would want to see it in it’s full capacity?

The entrance to the hotel, believe it or not, is in the back side from the boardwalk or you can also go through Starbucks that is accessible on the boardwalk. As I walked in to the hotel, the interior was quite elegant. The hallways had chandeliers hanging on the ceilings with dark oak panels on the walls and muted colors in purple, gray & beige felt modernized yet, a nod to the Jazz age era. After walking through the few boutiques inside, I felt compelled to sit down and people watch. Lots of tourists came in and out, took photos and then, I decided to call it a night.

Have you ever been to Quebec City? What was your experience like?


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