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Stuck in Toronto, Canada.

East coast got me in a bundle. If you’ve ever tried to organize a trip to the east coast coming from California, with a stop over in Canada, on a short time frame and in the middle of summer, well, just call me crazy. As I was waiting for my flight to take off at John Wayne airport, I was daydreaming about all the fun activities that I was looking forward to on my trip to Canada. It’s been a few years now that I’ve been wanting to see Quebec City but, never quite made it there for many reasons. For those of you who don’t know this, Quebec City is known as the French speaking European province of North America and I was longing for that European vibe that I’ve been missing since I left Italy 2 years ago. Therefore, this was a trip I was very much looking forward to.

While waiting in the plane for take off, I was already thinking about eating fresh mini croissants at a cute cafe, walk through the old town, see the Chateau Frontenac and take it all in. I was basically on cloud 9 when….the pilot on the plane snapped me out of my dreams and announced that there was an unfortunate ground halt due to wind advisory in SF (where I would be catching a layover to Toronto). You can imagine my face just dropped. In addition, he further added that there were no flights coming in or going out of SFO until further notice. Murmurs all around the flight from every passenger was apparent. People started standing up, making calls, kids were crying – it was a hot mess. In the midst of chaos, my seat mate and I had a chance to chat and it turned out she was also on the same flight as mine which, made the situation slightly better. During the course of our conversation, we asked the flight attendant about timing and connection flights which, he suggested for us look online to double check flight updates.

Tip: to check your most recent flight schedule, just google the flight number and it should pop up the most current state of that specific flight.

Anyway, for what seemed to be 30-40 minutes wait, our flight was finally cleared and we were ready for take off. I made my connection in SFO to Toronto just fine as it was also delayed to accommodate our flight from John Wayne. However, once I landed in Toronto, we all had to go through immigration process, security and find my gate that was quite a distance away. That part basically chewed up my time to get to my next connection flight to Quebec and thus, caused me to miss my flight.

When I was directed to customer service to help me find the next available flight another issue came about. I was told that due to Quebec City being small, there’s only a few flights that flew out of their main airport and all of the flights that day were already full until 5pm that same day. WTF!

So, there I am in Toronto airport….sad and angry at the same time for missing my flight. Then, I got bored.

Since, I had a few hours to kill I decided to make a day out of it. I hopped on an uber and decided to go to downtown. I’ve never been to Toronto before and I had nooo idea what to see or do so, I googled for places to see while I was at the airport (yay for free wifi!) and decided to go to downtown. I figured I might as well explore Toronto while I was there and I did exactly that.

During the 40 minutes drive from the airport to downtown, my first impression of Toronto was definitely seeing the skyscrapers. I immediately knew Toronto was the type of place that doesn’t mess around. It’s got numerous businesses, finance, arts, culture and is one of the most multicultural cosmopolitan city I’ve ever seen.

Union Station

I ended up roaming around downtown through the metro and saw more interesting architectures. I thought the union station was beautiful.

I also spent about 2.5 hours at the Ripley’s Aquarium where you can walk through an underwater viewing tunnel. It was actually frekin cool. I saw a ton of sharks and stingrays swimming right above my head. How crazy is that?

Long story short, I eventually made it to my destination half asleep but, excited.

Have you ever missed a flight and get stuck anywhere? What did you end up doing? Stay at the airport or go sightsee? Comment below.

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