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Carizzo Plain Monument

Hands-down Carizzo Plain is the number one place I vote for bird watching. From owls to eagles, I saw these types of birds (and other animals) in its natural habitat that I normally wouldn’t see on a normal day to day bases (except maybe the zoo); This made my trip extra special.  Driving to the monument was beautiful as it could get. Its scenic route provided windy roads with views of the mountains and tall trees along the road that depicted surreal images that I’ve seen on Pinterest. Was this really happening or am I in a dream? I thought to myself. We passed by small towns along the way with nice 2-3 story homes that seemed to peak behind trees as if it wants to come out and meet us.

About 4 hours later, arriving at Carizzo Plain welcomed us with wide open land and I mean really wide without a lot of trees around. It was a hot day, although, that did not stop campers from coming. All of the camp sites we saw were full and we decided to find our own spot elsewhere. Eventually we settled on a location overlooking the valley, a place I’d rather take any day than sharing a space with others. Beautiful views all to ourselves, why not?

By noon, we were out and about on the motorcycle exploring what the valley has to offer. As luck would have it, we were able to join a guided tour to see the Painted Mountain, a site that is currently prohibited from anyone entering without a guided tour or a reservation due to the birds nesting. Moreover, photos of the actual paintings are also prohibited from being uploaded to any social media; which is why it’s not shared on any of my social channels. How about a road-trip, ey? 😉

Waking up to the sound of the birds chirping was one of the highlights from this trip; besides also seeing some foxes running around the fields, deers galloping past our car, seeing owls nesting, meeting locals and people from Europe were just some of my favorite parts of the trip. Here’s a short video from this weekend getaway. Enjoy!


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