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How to remove cactus spines.

I was walking down the beach a couple of days ago, when I stepped on a prickly thing on the ground. OUCH! I looked down to see what I had stepped on and saw a plant that had spines similar to a cactus. The damn thing hung on to the bottom of my feet and it was ridiculously painful. I pulled it off my feet right away, leaving me effing my way back to the house.

When I finally had the chance to sit down and examine my foot, I noticed some spines were left behind on my skin. The first thing that came to mind was ouch and what do I do next?

  1. Don’t panic. 

    “Survival secret: it get’s worse before better – try not to panic.”

  2. Assess the situation. If there’s only a few of them then, try to pull them off gently. Wait for a couple of minutes to rest the infected skin and then, check again to see if there are some spines are left behind.
  3. Use a tweezer. What’s really good about tweezer’s is that they’re meant to pull the tiniest hairs. Start plucking out the smallest spines left behind.
  4. If you feel there’s still some hair left and you’re unable to see them, use white Elmers glue and lather it on your skin. Let it dry and then peel them off.
  5. If all else fail, see a doctor.

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