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The Country Club Breakfast

Sometimes taking chances is the right idea. That’s what we did when we decided on having our breakfast at a golf course restaurant called Viva Restaurant

Tucked away from the Highway 1,Viva Restaurant can be found at the Cabo San Lucas Country Club. An 18 hole course, with more than 80 bunkers, and at 610 yards, ensures challenges for players at all levels.

My folks, a returning member, wanted to hit some golf balls; along with me tagging along for the day. Originally, the plan was to have breakfast in downtown Cabo but, they were itching to start golfing right away. Therefore, we skipped Cabo altogether and decided on breakfast at the Viva Restaurant.

When we arrived at the The Country Club, we were greeted by two gentlemen who helped us with our golf bags. We passed by the golf carts that were carefully arranged right next to each other. In the center of this tiny square, was a small water fountain with streaming water that flowed delicately. As we walked past the bag drop off point, I was awed by the manicured lawns, the well manicured bushes, and the pretty Bougainvillea flowers. Eventually, we arrived at the restaurant located further down the hallway.

It was an early morning and I noticed a few gentlemen were already there having breakfast. We started off with a cup of Mexican coffee.

The restaurant is a 2-story building with a balcony that overlooks the golf course. All of the tables and the bar were organized, so that they faced the mountain and the golf course. The view of the mountain, I thought, was quite fascinating from my table. There was an upbeat music playing that reminded of the same dance music I heard on Virgin Airlines. I thought, they may be trying to attract the same type of crowd?


The menu, offered quiet a bit from omelettes to burgers. I decided to order the muesli which, I thought was quite fitting for breakfast. Once served, the muesli came with a glass of milk on the side and the bowl consisted of mixed nuts, various seeds, raisins and fruits. It was one sweet and savory meal, probably, one of the best muesli I’ve had in a while.


If, we didn’t take a chance that morning to try out their breakfast, we probably would not have the same experience elsewhere. I was satisfied with our breakfast, and having a nice view at the same time is quite hard to beat.

VIVA Restaurant

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