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A Farm-to-Table Lunch at Floras Farm Restaurant (video)

Whenever it’s warm and sunny, like here in Cabo, I always gravitate towards something light to eat when I’m hungry. Therefore, when Mom asked me what I wanted for lunch, I knew Flora’s Farm would be the perfect choice.

Flora’s Farm is located near the marina in San Jose Del Cabo. Getting there involves meandering up a dirt road and going behind a hill. This place is truly a hidden gem.

Music by: Deep House Ibiza Sunset Mix 2017

What I like about Flora’s Farm is the fact that everything they make is straight from their farm. They grow and use their veggies, fruits, and anything plant-based right where you can see it from your seat at the table.

This place is the cutest little spot. Walking in, you’ll pass by various boutique concept stores by the entrance that leads you to the restaurant. I always feel in total seclusion when I come here because the restaurant is situated in the center of their farmland that wraps all the way around it.

Over the years, Flora’s Farm has developed quite a bit with newly built private cottages, haylofts, new shops, and added art/cooking classes. The word has gone out, and it used to be that we’d come here and there would be seats available. Now, the place has become very popular, requiring reservations ahead of time. Of course, Mom and I came on a whim, but by luck, we found a table right next to the bar.

We both ordered a pizza. I’m a fan of thin crust, so it was a no-brainer for me to choose my lunch meal. It came in a medium size that I could not finish and had to take half of it home. We enjoyed our lunch with a nice band playing next to us. Afterwards, we took a walk around the farm and eventually went home. Flora’s Farm once again fulfilled my hunger needs.

Flora Farms Review | Flora Farms Website

Mercado Orgánico (video)

Mercado Orgánico (a.k.a. The Organic Market) market is an open air field with various vendors selling food, hand-made jewelries, bags, clothes, dog collars and just about any authentic knick knacks that you can find that are locally made.

buzzards_restaurant | astintabroad

BUZZing Around

One of the original restaurants in the East Escape that everyone should visit is the Buzzards.


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