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Exploring Slab City in California

Slab City definitely lived up to its quirkiness. Many of you have probably never even heard of this city unless you’ve been to or have seen at one point the popular site called Salvation Mountain. The site is in Slab city and it basically brings in (if not) most of the visitors to the area. This trip was my 2nd time visiting the Salvation Mountain and I’m glad I came back because I apparently missed a lot from my first visit. Our group first made a pit stop at the Salvation Mountain. We explored the site for a few minutes, took photos and then, someone had an idea about continuing driving further down the road. So we did.

In the beginning, I didn’t think Slab City had a ton to see. Truthfully, there wasn’t much with the exception of seeing what the community was like. I thought it was interesting, to say the least. It’s true what they say, it is definitely a place to live off the grid. It is a place where there are no electricity or water, it is uncontrolled, there are no fees to deal with, and you basically come here at your own risk. Hence why it is called the “Slab City” because people come to live here to stretch their retirement income or are squatters.

After driving around, we came to a point directing us to East Jesus. We had no idea where it was taking us except that we thought the name was pretty cool. Little did we know that East Jesus is an art installation spot. It’s an open area, it’s free and you can walk around and see repurposed or recycled items turned into art. I actually thought it was cool and I found it quite similar to the art installations you’d see at Burning Man but, on a much smaller scale.


After roaming around for about an hour or so, we said our goodbyes to our group and departed. On our way home, my friend and I made a quick stop to see the sunset at Bombay Beach.

Although, the real reason for stopping here was really to explore this abandoned community across the street from the beach. When we went through the neighborhood we saw a lot of homes closed or damaged but, we would also come across one or two that are up for sale or rent. Then, there were a few homes where people still live in them.
We drove once by this home where we came across a family sitting on their patio. They look at us and waved happily. I guess base on their reaction, they probably get a ton of visitors or out of towners like us who are just as curious about their neighborhood like us. Heck, I would probably do the same if I were in their position.

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