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Well, guys, it’s finally a new year. I’m sure many of you are thinking about your goals and resolution for 2018. I’ve thought about mine and came up in focusing more on finding a well-balanced lifestyle. It sounds so simple but, in reality, it is quite difficult to do.Between working full-time, finding time to go to the gym, see friends and family, learning new skills and doing errands, my days are left with little room for anything else. This year, that will change. I have to accept that I won’t be able to do everything. Some days I’ll be able to accomplish all of my tasks and other days will be slower which is, ok as long as I’m not hurting anybody. Anyway, that’s all my rant for today. What is your New Years Resolution?

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  1. Designing and finishing the blog I paid for.. I also re-joined the fire service, since I was away from the service for more than 5 years. I have to start over on training.. Between 2 jobs, fire training, martial arts teaching and training, gym and sleep.. I may have bitten more than i than I can chew..

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