Lytle Creek Day Trip. (Video)

Another day, another adventure. My friend and I hit the road early in the morning driving east towards San Bernardino County. Without traffic, the drive was peaceful and completely magnetic with the mountains surrounding the road as we passed by them. I was floored by the size of it all where it made it feel like I was so close yet, it was still far. We stayed on the road for about an hour until we arrived at our destination.

Somewhere in between the San Gabriel Mountains and the valley nestled a family-friendly outdoor gun range. We spent a few hours here where I learned to overcome my fear of guns and realized I was a natural shooter. Afterwards, we made a day out of exploring and driving around the nearby mountains. Here’s a short clip from our trip.


4 responses to “Lytle Creek Day Trip. (Video)”

  1. Yes, several times, getting a gun license is still on my to do list.. as well as finishing my blog.. been a bit busy with all that bitcoin news.


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