The Wildfire Aftermath at Peters / Santiago Canyon.

Two months ago California announced a state of emergency due to wildfires that happened in the Northern and Southern part of California. Many of you have likely forgotten about it but, for me, it was a tragedy. Time has passed then and yesterday was the first time I’ve been back on the trail since the fire. My friend and I started from Cedar Grove Park and we made our way towards Peters Canyon in the early afternoon. We saw all of the surroundings from the park leading up to the top of Santiago Canyon seemed to look normal (no burnt signs from the fire).

As we made our way up the incline of the mountain, I found it to be quite rigorous. Although, the view was delightful.


It’s difficult to see from the last photo above but, the other side closer to Peters Canyon were all burnt. As we came down from the top of the hill, it was clear where the fire had hit and how far it was controlled. Tons of ashes are still found in the area and a slight smell of the burnt grass and trees are evident.

In the midst of walking through this devastation, I saw some trees and plants that were spared from the fire. They stood there looking strong despite what has happened and that was a sign of hope for me that in time, our community would heal, grow from it and become a better life than what it once was.

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  1. Several years from now, that area will be greener than ever. In the 90’s The pine barrens on Long Island burned 7000 acres. Just after the fire, the area looked like an atomic blast was detonated. About 10-15 years later, the forest recovered. You wouldn’t even know that fire consumed the area.
    I have a lot of respect for woodland firefighters. Many are working under the harshest conditions. Fire suppression is using a shovel rather than water. They’re even working in down wind conditions. I was a volunteer firefighter for 4 years after 9/11, it’s physically demanding but also well worth the hard work. Especially when you’re making a difference in the community.. Glad you made it outta there. 🙂

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