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Exploring Ali’i Drive (Hawaii, The Big Island)

I woke up the next day after the wedding with a massive headache from the party. Immediately I forced myself to get up. I head over to a store nearby to find something that would save me from this pain.  Thankfully, ABC store much like CVS was only a few steps away from my hotel.  Upon entering the store, I scanned the aisles and saw items from drinks, food, snacks to apparel. Geez, they had everything for anything immediate that anyone could possibly need. Finally, I found what I was looking for.

After purchasing my Advil and a bottle of water I decided I needed to eat breakfast. My hunger was apparent as my stomach started to grumble. I was craving for something light yet fulfilling and I decided to get juice from Evolution Bakery & Cafe. It was a place that held high ratings on Yelp that made me want to check it out. The cashier from the ABC store directed me towards the back of the building where the bakery was apparently located.

It turns out, this bakery became my go-to place for breakfast. My favorite was their smoothies! I tried their Green Flash Smoothie which had almond milk, banana, spinach, dates, mint and cacao nibs. Everything on their menu is 100% plant-based. A plus for me since I needed to regain some of my nutrients back 😉

After breakfast, I continued my day walking to town to explore. I ended up at the pier taking photos and enjoying the sun. The pier was small in comparison to the piers in California but, the activities are the same. I saw people kayaking, fishing, swimming and a few jogging. There were also tour boats where people started to line up. Although one important note to take is that base on my experience, when an area is in high traffic zone or full of tourists, you’ll likely also come across sketchy individuals. As a personal tip, I would definitely be extra cautious in this area especially if you’re a solo traveler like me.

At the pier, a woman was arrested. She was screaming about something that didn’t make any sense as she was escorted in the back of the cop car. Additionally, as this was happening I was approached by a gentleman who started a conversation with me that seemed normal at first. Then, questions he asked became uncomfortable and at that point, I didn’t want to continue our conversation. Therefore, I left. Aside from all that raucous, it’s still a beautiful place to see and I definitely wouldn’t scratch it off your list.

IMG_6897.jpgThis is a view from the pier looking across the ocean towards Ali’i Drive. Near this area are major grocery stores about 15 minutes walking distance. I made a stop at Sack N Save Kona to buy a few sandwiches and drinks. I thought grocery stores would be cheaper than buying from the stores on Ali’i Drive, I was wrong. Unless you decide to cook, buying food at the grocery store would be cheaper. Although, I didn’t have a car nor did I have a place to cook. Therefore, I didn’t think there was much difference between the grocery store and the general stores in downtown. IMG_6893(Ali’i Drive)

There are tons of shops on Ali’i drive. You can find anything from women to men’s clothing, souvenirs, coffee shops, tourist center, restaurants, a market or rental shops and they’re all within walking distance from Royal Kona Resort about 20-25min. one way. I thought the best part of this street is the ocean view. If you pick any of the restaurants along Ali’i Drive on the left side  (see the photo above) you’ll likely get an oceanfront view or close to it.

I ended up buying a few sweets to take back to my hotel.


To be continued….


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