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Swimming in Coral Reefs (The Big Island – Hawaii)

I think I was a mermaid in another lifetime because I love swimming and I can stay in the water all day especially when it is clear and warm. Our boat called Fairwind Big Island Ocean Guides arrived mid-afternoon after our 1-hour ride in the ocean. We docked at Keauhou Bay a.k.a. Captain Cook’s Monument.Snorkeling was one of my favorite activities in Hawaii. This bay contained preserved coral reefs not to be touched or picked at (yes, they are prickly) but, solely for the eyes to observe. We were given a lowdown about the no touching policy by our guide before we swam. I assumed that someone in the past had likely ignored these rules. I chuckled when I came across a photo online of a man who was standing in one of the rocks when he’s not supposed to. Who does this?

The boat was a comfortable double-decker that included an all-inclusive package deal with snorkeling equipment (goggles, life jackets & fins), snacks, juice and 2 slides. Since our group was over 30 people we got a group discount. I was happy about that. The day at the bay was wonderful.

IMG_6362.jpgIMG_6379.jpgIMG_6411.jpgAuntie Eve flew all the way from the Philippines to join this wedding destination in Hawaii. The last time we saw each other it was approximately 4 years ago, a long overdue reunion that we all needed.captaincook3-mincaptaincook-minAll passengers including myself spread out in the bay swimming/snorkeling for about an hour and a half. The water was 80 degrees which made it easy to jump in and get going with our business. Once we dipped in the water everything became silent. It felt like I was in another world eyeing the world underneath me about 10-20 feet deep. There were colorful fish swimming all around whether it’s big or small, wide or tall; they all looked so happy going on their daily lives. The corals were magnificent while the rock formations under the water that protects these creatures made everything looked grand. Now, if only the song “Under the Sea” played on cue right about now it would make this scene a lot better 😉

captaincook2-min(Captain Cook’s Monument) I was told by another guide that there are two ways to get to this bay. One way is a boat ride and the other is hiking down the area. Although, a tip from the same guide suggested that if you decide to take the hiking route, be prepared for a good and tough journey. I believe going down to the bay is easy but, it’s coming up a steep hill is likely the challenging part of the hike. IMG_6392.jpegOn our way back to the port, I had a nice sunset view from the top of the boat. I admit I was slightly seasick along with two others who got it worse than me upon our return. Although, I survived and never got too sick beyond a minor dizziness. captaincook9-min

Other than that, the mid-afternoon snorkeling was well worth it. I was excited to head back to my hotel and extend my relaxation on my King-sized bed. Mahalo!


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