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Salty Kisses at Hulihe‘e Palace (The Big Island, Hawaii)

On time and on cue, guests including myself paraded through the lawn in our floral dresses (Hey, we had to keep the Hawaiian theme going here). On the other hand, the men (I thought) looked dapper in their suits. It was another warm day in Kailua-Kona with the sunset that seemed to be present on a daily basis. I wondered how can you not get spoiled by this?My cousin’s wedding ceremony took place at Hulihe’e Palace in downtown Kailua-Kona. It is a well-known historic location on Ali’i Drive, a previous vacation home of the Hawaiian Royalty that was converted to a museum. My cousin’s ceremony was set up in the backyard of the palace that faces the ocean view. Guests including myself took turns taking photos of each other. We agreed that the view was too good to ignore.wedding5.jpg

I can probably watch the videos from the wedding over and over again and still shed tears every time. The singer’s voice in the background had a slow and romantic melodic tone that seemed to sync with every stride of each bridesmaid, each best man and/or the bride or groom. It was every bit corny as it sounds but, it was fitting for the occasion. My cousin, bless her heart, did a phenomenal job in organizing her own wedding. She invited a handful of her close friends and family members which, I thought was perfect for any wedding occasion.

After the ceremony and a million selfies later, we walked to Daylight Mind Coffee Company restaurant for the reception. I’d say this place had one of the best views in Hawaii. From the distance, I could see the hotel I stayed at. What a view!


All in all, I thought the wedding was successful. It was my first wedding destination I’ve been a part of and I had a great time. Would you attend a wedding destination?


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