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Checking In at The Royal Kona Resort. (The Big Island, Hawaii)

Aloooha! After 5 hours or so minutes, my plane finally landed in Hawaii. The fresh ocean smell was apparent as I descended from my plane. Ah, the sun, palm trees and the calm nature of Hawaii really set the mood of my entire trip. This was exactly what I was looking forward to, take a swim in the pool, sightsee and explore whatever the island has to offer. After all, it is The Big Island! I booked my hotel at the Royal Kona ResortRoyal Kona Resort. The oceanfront view ultimately sold me on the idea and the fact that it was 5 minutes walking distance to town. In person, the place was absolutely stunning.royalkona2-min.jpgroyalkona6-min

royalkona3-min.jpgAs I entered the hotel lobby, I could not stop but, look at the pond. It looped around the main entrance paired with botanical gardens that immediately made me feel in complete serenity. The waiting area had Hawaiian themed chairs and a walking path around the pond that was set for a perfect photo-op. I could literally stay here all day and read a book. Although, I was set on exploring more of the hotel. Upon checking in, I asked out of curiosity if there was a gym on site. It turns out there was and that it would be on the first floor of the building my room was located in. Jack Pot!

The gym was small but, the view was larger than life. I remembered doing the elliptical while watching the sunset and sunrise. It could not get any better than that! OR, can it?


Walking into my room was a nice surprise. There was a king bed with a patio that wrapped around the sides of the hotel room with two lounge chairs that I took advantage of many times during the course of my trip. All of this was mine for the next few days. One of the best parts about waking up every morning was sitting on this patio. I had coffee and breakfast here while I listened to the birds’ chirp, watch the sun rise and hear the ocean crash within distance. I could not have asked for a perfect situation.

The hotel offered most of the activities I wanted to do on this trip. I lounged at the pool, went to the gym and relaxed by the saltwater lagoon. They also had a luau show with dinner provided but, I preferred lounging in the hotel and walking to town to get my food. It was a preference, although, I hear the show is fantastic! For me, the views in this hotel really took it home. The only challenges were to decide which view I wanted, the pool or the ocean view 😉


Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 8.27.41 AM.pngIMG_6495-min.jpeg

(lagoon) Or decide which activity I preferred. Go to the pool or the lagoon? Such the life in Hawaii.

Anyway, after settling in my hotel, I was ready to meet my cousins to go snorkel. It was a pre-booked activity with Fair Wind Big Island Ocean Guides that I agreed to do. I was excited to participate and was looking forward to seeing my cousins and relatives……to be continued.


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