Casey’s Cupcakes

I told myself this month I would cut down on my sweets intake for my health sake and for my weight. Somehow plans never go according to plan, at least, not when you’re presented in front of your eyes delicious treats like the desserts at Casey’s Cupcakes. I knew I should’ve said no. Although, those pink colors and cute feminine graphics caught my eyes instantly feeding into my curiosity even more. Without hesitation, my friend and I walked in to see what was inside. Once we entered, I knew we were in trouble.

There, in the middle of the room laid an array of cupcakes displayed beautifully.
cupcakes.jpgFrom strawberries to gluten-free chocolate flavors, each one was appealing as the other. I settled for the gluten-free chocolate cupcake.

How cute is the packaging? After I paid, the muffins were placed in a cute pink box with stripes and logo on it.  I truly appreciate beautiful packaging as I feel it adds to the buying experience.
Ok, but let’s be real here. The best part was tasting the icing with those sparkles on the top and oh my gosh, how soft the cake was as I bit into it. I rarely eat cupcakes but, this one I could see myself coming back to or possibly buy someone a cupcake as a present.


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