My Personal Comparisons of Apartments in O.C. vs Milan.

As one who moves more than anyone can count, I’d say I know a thing or two about the ins and outs of living in an apartment. In the last year and a half, I’ve moved at least 2-4x which, I came to find out that the apartments in California vs Milan have some sliiiiight differences in them.

1. Milan apartments with balconies.
It’s common to find apartments in Milan with balconies. Two out of the 3 apartments I lived in Milan had a balcony with French doors and a view. I definitely miss waking up and opening those tall doors and stepping out on the balcony every morning just to look at the view.

2. There are more apartment options to choose from in O.C. than in Milan.
I found it quite refreshing having a choice to live in either a condo or an apartment in O.C. and pay the same price you would pay for an apartment in Milan. Condos do exist in Milan but, they are likely farther from the city center. Coming home to O.C., I’m definitely happy with my current set-up at the condo I am renting now. The topper is having 2 community pools, a gym, and a covered parking space. Jack-pot!

3. Apartments in Milan are usually all-inclusive.
When you sign a contract, it will likely include furnished bedrooms, kitchen, water and electricity and wifi. There’s definitely less headache about shopping for household items. Read about my story abroad here & here.

4. Space! Space! Space!
I never realized how much space mattered to me until I returned home to U.S. The apartments in Milan just felt too crowded to some degree. The walls are thin, the elevators are very slow (sometimes I had to walk up 5 flights of stairs to get to my apartment while carrying my groceries :< ) and parking is almost non-existent (it’s common to see cars parked on the sidewalks). In O.C., there’s space for days! The roads alone are wide, less traffic, assigned parking is common and most of all I feel I can breathe.

5. Old is the new thing.
Even though space is limited in Milan, the apartments though have quite a character. There’s something about living in those old buildings that made it feel like I’m back in the olden days. The way they’re structured to the interior designs, you can sense the culture and the fact that you’re in a different country. I absolutely loved it!

What’s your apartment preferences? Milan or O.C.?

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