til death do us part

Last weekend, my mind slightly changed a little bit about weddings. Normally, I’m one to avoid it due to price and social awkwardness (i.e. questions like ‘why are you still single?’). However, seeing Trish and her husband celebrate their wedding truly showed me what pure love is all about. Maybe it’s the way they set-up the whole wedding or maybe, it’s being in the scene and the atmosphere altogether that made this celebration very special but, I had a great time.


The event took place at Knollwood Country Club in Granada Hills late afternoon. It was one of that picturesque beautiful day with a backdrop of the golf course and the sunset illuminating in the background. A slow and soft tune played as guests arrived and mingled while they waited for the event to start.


Once the ceremony started, seeing Trish and her mom going down the aisle was the first time I’ve seen a mom so proud looking at her daughter.


Trish, the beauty of the night wore a fitted dress with laces all over that shaped her petite figure. She looked undeniably radiant moving around in them. There were about 100 attendees that gathered at the wedding who were all her closest friends and family members. Some bawled and cried as she walked down the aisle; which made the event that much more special.


Looking around my surroundings, you can immediately tell either the groom or the bride loved the color purple as it was the dominant color used for their wedding theme. My favorite part of the room was the dessert table. I definitely got my dessert binge in with leftovers. Yum!


Dinner was served around 730-8. It was delicious!


As it got later in the night, the party also got started. The open bar was a hit which, I took advantage of getting another glass of Merlot. I definitely think this was the best wedding I’ve attended thus far. It was fun, small and not the least bit overwhelming. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Lopez.

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