Jogging paths with a view in Irvine.

One of the greatest things about living in Irvine is the vast amount of spaces there are available in this city. It’s normal to find empty open fields in Irvine and as an advent jogger, I love having a number of options of places to choose from to jog (especially a nice view to ogle). Here are my top paths to jog in the area:
William Mason Regional Park: This park is well-maintained. A perfect place if you’d like to celebrate birthday parties. This is one of my favorite jogging paths because it’s quiet. The earlier you go the better to avoid the crowds but, also it feels a lot like you’re all on your own. There are bbq spots, a lake, covered gazebos and a few ducks and turtles. Parking is around $3 weekdays and $5 on the weekends.

Quail Hill Trail Head
The ultimate serenity. You’ll like this place if you yearn for something quieter and being closer to nature. This is the place to be!

Woodbridge Lake
My go-to place to jog. The lake stretches to the north sidelined with trees and beautiful homes. I can’t get enough of the view of the lake.

Hicks Canyon Regional Trail
A quiet and peaceful private local trail. It runs through some neighborhood and you can take either the dirt or paved path. I personally like the dirt path. There’s also nice shades, an underground tunnel and definitely nothing too strenuous.

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