Becky’s Retirement Party

Becky is a long time family friend. Her daughter and I grew up together. We attended the same elementary school, middle school, and high school. On top of that, we hung out in the same group of friends; needless to say, we were best friends. Our parents met and saw each other every weekend whenever my friend and I hung out. Eventually, they formed their own friendships and to this day, even though we’ve all moved on from that time in our lives, it’s refreshing to see that the bond between my mom and Becky are still strong. Hence the invitation to her Retirement Party.
Mom and I drove up early Saturday morning to Oxnard.

We booked a hotel room at the Marriott where the party would be held that day. I was excited for the weekend to potentially see old friends and simply to have a weekend getaway. Upon checking in, there was a tiny wee bit of a problem. It turns out mom had confused the dates and booked us a room for the previous week. Since it was a weekend and a Saturday, the hotel was fully booked. Eeek! After the concierge made a few calls, she managed to find us 1 available room to another location. We gladly took it but, it cost us twice as much more than the room we originally paid for and it was further than we anticipated.

It turns out, the room we got was a studio suite that included a king bed, a living room, a kitchen/dining area, a spacious bathroom, and breakfast. I was in heaven! Mom and I took full advantage of the amenities. We relaxed for a bit by watching tv, have a cup of coffee and took a nap before the party. I could literally stay here all week. I was very comfortable and the room was bigger than my apartment. lol

Later that day, we finally made it to the party. I loved how they decorated the room with purple accents, flowers daintily placed in a vase as a center piece of the table, we had catered foods and a photo corner.

My favorite part was the desserts. They had plenty of cakes lined up on a table by themselves and I had a taste of every piece of cake they had to offer. I particularly liked the mango cake because it was both tasty, soft and it had strawberries and berries on top that made me want to have seconds. The cheesecakes weren’t so bad either.

“A party without cake is just a meeting” ~ Julia Child

Towards the end of the night, the party ended with Tahitian dancers performing. If this is what Retirement Parties are like, I can’t wait for mine 🙂

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